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The April 2017 edition of the Horseplayer Monthly Newsletter is now available, including the 9th Annual Track Ratings.  To read the newsletter, please visit the HANA Monthly page.


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2017 Track Ratings

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Mission Statement:

H.A.N.A. is committed to giving horseplayers a voice.

Who are we and what do we want?

H.A.N.A. is a grass roots organization made up of horseplayers just like you.

We stand for:
  • Fair and open access to all track signals for all licensed ADWs.

  • Optimal Takeout levels - to maximize revenue for tracks, horsemen, and state coffers.
    Read HANA's position on takeout --click here--

  • Penalties for cheating that make the penalty a deterrent to cheating.

  • A modern secure tote system fast enough to deliver odds and payoffs in real time.

  • An environment where racing decision makers value input from the player and seek it out - because doing that improves racing's long term outlook.

Together we can effect change.

We are an independent grass roots horseplayer organization.

Won't you join us?

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H.A.N.A. Member Comments

I have decided to discontinue all of my wagering and ownership activities in the sport of Thoroughbred Racing until I see a drastic improvement in the structure of the sport. This is not an easy decision, as it has been my vocation. The near total disregard of the handicappers time, effort, and financial support of the game has become intolerable. I have dealt with the conditions the sports administrators have imposed for decades, and I refuse to continue being pushed around.
- H.H. - Seattle, WA (US)

Great idea to unify the fans, long overdue. Thanks.
- F.B. - River Ridge, LA (US)

I have announced races and worked in publicity for Hollypark, Santa Anita, Fairplex, Bay Meadows, Sun Ray Park.I work with the company Pace to bring some new people to the sport.
- J.M. - Orange, CA (US)

Why are windfall scores taxed??
- J.B. - Freehold Townshup, NJ (US)

Lets get this game cleaned up.I'm an owner who would like to see the playing field leveled.
- R.J. - Ft Lauderfale, FL (US)

As a CPA I am aware that the tax code is rather unfriendly to horseplayers... the current mess on the ADW front is an issue which should be put front and center on the agenda. Both of these issues are contributing to a contractionary environment for handle and the industry as a whole needs to be focused on being expansionary in their policies instead.
- T.M. - Keswick, VA (US)

I would love to have uniform betting. Like for the pick 6 and alternate scratch betting in all betting places. And ten cent betting for all bettors. At the local track no ten cent betting is allowed for anyone for any track. How nice!!!!!!!!! If you complain they kick you out.
- G.A. - Chester, WV (US)

I am a horseplayer-turned-racing official and am interested in the success of HANA.
- S.S. - NM (US)

Thanks for the reminder.
- Dennis - Baltimore, MD (US)

i'm in
- Ed - Clifton Park, MA (US)

Thanks guys
- Pete - Worcester, MA (US)

Love your idea, heres hoping we can make an impact.
- Larry - Boston,, MA (US)

I am on board now.
- Don - East Troy, WI (US)

Let me know how when and where I can help.
- Richie P. - New Rochelle, NY (US)

- Lou - Staten Island, NY (US)

...Why wouldn't a horseplayer want to join?
- Jens - Santa Rosa, CA (US)

Best of luck in the endeavor!
- Patrick - Denver, CO (US)

Good work initiating this.
- Dale - Oregon City, OR (US)

I'm with you on the medical information.
- James- Framingham, MA (US)

Please take Mountaineer off the banner. The track is not one you should have associated with an organization with HANA's mission. It is singularly un-fan-friendly, and its main claim to fame is the recent HBO horse slaughter special, in which the track accomodates the knacker in collecting victims.
- Kevin - Pittsburgh, PA (US)

27 years old, my favorite sport is slowly being killed off.
- Jason - Toronto, ONT (CA)

I support HANA's primary goals of lowering takeout either directly or effectively, and enabling every on-line bettor the opportunity to play every race at every track from their ADW of choice and to view each race live.
- Indulto - California (US)

In 30 years of going to the race track i have gotten about 5 cups of free coffee, 20 Hats, 25 Shirts, 10 Pies,1 clock, 5 Coffee mugs, and other Misc. junk. Not bad for losing close to $250,000 over 30 years of going to the race track. Us rail birds are treated like dirt. I don't go to the races much anymore But still go to Saratoga every year. But that may be comming to a stop. Because N.Y.R.A is screwing that up.
- Mike - Herndon, VA (US)

Being a handicapper is like being the Maytag repairman, it is a lonely business. I am glad to see these groups forming because there are some huge issues facing this sport. I'm not sure the industry wants the opinions of the players, but maybe a united voice can help. It's like chicken soup, it couldn't hurt!
- Jennifer - La Rue, OH (US)

- Gary - FL (US)

I like the idea of someone finally appreciating the folks who keep the races going. On ADW I think the Kentucky horsemen are just plain greedy. Seems they don`t just want a share of the betting, but they want to be a partner.They are actually hurting racing at a time that is`nt to wise to do so. Good expression here is, They are cutting of their noses to spite their faces.
- Dave - Pacifica, CA (US)

I am now disabled. I was a writer for 25 years, a public handicapper, I owned horses and then spent the last seven years before my disability working as the media relations manager for Canterbury Park in Minnesota. We worked very hard to put the customer's needs first and foremost. Indeed, we players are always referred to as "bettors," not customers. That in itself has to change. I play horses on my computer now as I can not drive 60 miles to play a horse. I am fed up with all the recent stories regarding our game--They are the same headlines we saw 25 years ago. Hope I can assist by joining your organization.
- Sheila - St Paul, MN (US)

I am the former president and board chairman of National HBPA, and also a board member of NTRA. I applaude the formation of a players group and am glad to become a part of it. Since the tracks have done nothing to solve the problems in racing, the horsemen have tried to over the last few years and finally formed THG. I think that a not-for-profit adw where the splits between the tracks, horsemen and adws is about equal is the solutionto the simulcast problem. Such an adw can be created with less than 1/2 million dollars and would create a pricing model for all adws to meet or suffer not getting all signals. This adw could be owned by horsemen, players or anyone who wants to contribute. I have been pushing for this adw for the last several years....
- John - Temple, TX (US)

I live in Texas and I have not been able to bet on the California tracks since the Santa Anita meet. I used to live in Los Angeles, so most of those tracks are my favorites and I understand the trends there. This ADW dispute is senseless considering the fact it is the bettor that turns the "machine." You can't get more from less. This debacle is just a matter of egos and lack of communications. If we as horseplayers could agree to miss some action and stage a strike to show our displeasure, I think the message would be loud and clear. Get the message out for a one day event.
- Wendell - The Woodlands, TX (US)

I am glad someone has started this. Let's keep the momentum going and improve horse racing on this continent.
-Robert - Consecon, ONT (CA)

We horse players have needed represntation for a long time. I hope this venue will grow large enough to have an effect
- Bobby - Canonsburg, PA (US)

Good to see an organization for real horse racing fans that wants real reform in the thoroughbred industry
- Robb - Queens, NY (US)

Hopefully this org. will have some positive effect on the industry.I for one have reduced my handle by half over the last few yrs simply because of all the BS.I now find myself doing things I would rather not do like betting offshore but that is where the tracks are forcing me to play
- Michael - Hammond, IN (US)

- Jed - Honesdale, PA (US)

Clean up the game. As players we need to know everything is on the up and up or else if doubt creeps in we tend to play a lot less and effects are play. We need much stiffer penalties for the trainers caught. By all lets eliminate trainig by cell phone. Your caught you should not be allowed to race until suspension is over. Forcing owners to find another trainer or not race.
- Peter - Amsterdam, NY (US)

About time----right,Amen.
- Albert - Vincentown, NJ (US)

Enthusiastically agree with the list of current issues.
- William - Northfield, NJ (US)

This is "The Sport of Kings" and needs to be protected. I am completely in favor of the horseplayer having his say in how racing is conducted in all countries.
- Wayne - Calgary, ALB (CA)

Lifelong horseplayer, trying to reform the business as an ADW operator. Wish you all the best of luck!
- Ian - Boynton Beach, FL (US)

I'm not sure how active I can be in HANA at the moment but I support what you're doing 100%!
- Dana - New York, NY (US)

Let's help clean up this sport to make it safe and fun for the horses. This is in the best interests for us players too
- Charles - Portland, OR (US)

I am very interested in what is happening to Horse Racing
- John - Tewksbury, MA (US)

I enjoy your blog and very much enjoy horse racing.
- Charles - Canonsburg, PA (US)

Would like to see the amount taxed on exotics changed to $1200 Same as slots in casios.
- Conrad - Potsdam, NY (US)

Thanks for your efforts
- Jerry - La Jolla, CA (US)

I just want to be able to bet without having to go through hoops
- Sergio - Los Angeles, CA (US)

If you're trying to help the bettor/fan I'm behind that effort. My suggestion is not to lose focus by tackling too many side issues. Good Luck.
- Derek - Manhattan, NY (US)

Excited on the new site
- Anthony - Elk Grove Village, IL (US)

I worked 10 years for a Horsemens Group and learned some of the ins and outs. As a betting customer in additon to my experience in the equine industry, I could perhaps add some valuable insight or perspective to your organization.
- Mary - Louisville, KY (US)

Long overdue; and your efforts are most appreciated. A sincere Thank You
- Dan G - Temple Terrace, FL (US)

Sick and tired of what horsemen and track management are doing to the game that I love. Lower the takeout or implement rebates for everyone. The game needs to be competitive with other forms of gambling. End the signal wars. Treat customers as if they MATTER and amazingly handle will grow.
- J.P. - Jupiter, FL (US)

If I could legally bet online from Connecticut my handle would go up significantly.
- J.S. - Darien, CT (US)

Lower takeout, only way to save the game. Unfortunately, tracks are not in position to do this, nor do they have the will or leadership. In the current economic environment cant see good things for racing. But it is the greatest game. Good luck
- Mike - Las Vegas, NV (US)

Long time horse player dating back to 1972. The sport has become big business with huge simulcasting revenues. This is good but unfortunately cheating and greed have taken over the business and most likely the sport will eventually self distruct. I play very little today as compared to the 70s and 80s.
- Charles, Pittsburgh, PA (US)

...willing to help.
- Paul - Ottawa, Ontario (CA)

Best of luck in this endeavor, to all of us. I am a small-time owner, based at CD, and of course I occasionally place a bet or two. I make my living performing stand-up comedy and corporate humor speaking, and naturally include horse racing material in my presentations. After every show, the first question I get is always Do you really own a racehorse? I have been the keynote speaker at the Canadian Derby in Edmonton, and done comedy events at other race tracks as well. My website is if anyone is interested, and I look forward to hearing more from and about HANA.
- Mark - Louisville, KY (US)

I have playing mainly harness races for over 35 years. I am a member of Big M harness @ yahoo groups. I think your mission statement is dead on accurate. I would be willing to help in whatever way Im able to help accomplish the mission of improving conditions for the player.
- Arch - Columbus, OH (US)

Im a serious player who, because of my location, use ADWs and feel like Im under assualt by the horsemen as represented by the THG. Just let me know if theres anything I can do to assist in your (our) cause.
- Tommy - Rogers, AR (US)

I have been a hobby handicapper since 1988 (NoCal). On my 20th anniversary as a hobby handicapper, I have decided to become a professional handicapper. The track signals to the ADWs must be resolved. It makes no sense to have multiple ADW accounts to play the track of your choice. When I moved to Texas in 1996 from northern California, I was amazed that I could not even sign up to some ADWs (TVG) because I lived in Texas!!! So exclusive TVG tracks are no longer available to me. To play TVG tracks from Texas, I must go offshore. Im sure Im not the only one having this problem. Universal track access by all US-based ADWs is the answer. Thank you for creating an organization that will give a voice to the horse player.
- Gary - Round Rock, TX (US)

Good idea - hope it has an impact. I have been in the utility industry for over 30 years and, even as a regulated monopoly, we dont ignore our customers the way this industry does. The lack of industry leadership and cooperation, especially given the state of the current economy and alternative forms of gambling, is mind boggling. The powers that be seem to have a death wish. Fortunately, the sport itself is so great, I believe it will survive. I just wish I could bet on any track at any time regardless of where I live - this is 2008.
- Joe - Houston, TX (US)
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Our Goals:
  • ADW Signal Availability - All track signals available to all licensed ADWs all the time. No exceptions and no blackouts. Ever.

  • Takeout - Racing is losing significant market share to other forms of gaming that are pricing their product in an optimal way.    Read HANA's position on takeout --click here--

  • Drugs - It's time for a national drug policy with teeth. The game needs to be regulated in such a way that there are absolutely no questions whatsoever about the integrity of the game.

  • Pool Integrity - Odds changes after the bell, outright theft through abuse of the cancel delay, failure to close and merge pools when the gate opens, and an industry that knowingly allows this to keep happening is no longer acceptable.

    The game needs a modern secure tote system fast enough to render odds and payoffs in real time.

    We repeat: The game needs to be regulated in such a way that there are absolutely no questions whatsoever about the integrity of the game.

  • Quality of the Product - Large competitive fields please.

Awareness - There is a gap between those running the horseracing industry and the customer. This gap has been widening for decades. But track management and horsemen's associations continue to act as if no problem exists at all. An alienated customer base, stagnation of handle growth, and a faltering industry is the result.

They haven't listened to the individual horseplayer. Ever. But they will listen to horseplayers in numbers. Together we can accomplish that first step: We can make them aware.

Promoting Handle Growth - Every form of gambling except horseracing has enjoyed explosive growth in the past two decades. Instead of growing while other forms of gambling have prospered, horseracing handle has actually stagnated. Why? Handle stagnation is the direct result of an industry whose management continually fails to listen to and address the needs of its customers.

Handle is the one thing that drives the industry. Increased handle means more revenue for race tracks. It means more money that can be distributed back to horsemen in the form of purses. It should be obvious to track management and horsemen that there's just one thing and one thing only they should be focusing on: promoting handle growth. But they haven't done that. Instead they manage to operate the industry in a way that prevents handle growth instead of promoting it.

Frankly, this hurts racing and we at H.A.N.A. have had enough.

By banding together in numbers we can finally get industry management to listen to and address customers needs and wants. That will only lead to one thing: Handle Growth. And when that happens everybody wins.


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